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Overview of Services:

Web Design
We specialize in the integration of multimedia content into coherent, universally accessible units that function to attract and keep their intended audience. Many of our clients rely on being able to satisfy repeat visitors. We understand how to configure sites to interest new visitors, while at the same time providing a structure to allow repeat visitors to get quickly to the areas they need.
Hosting and Web Site Maintenance
PlasmaLink boasts over 5 years of experience setting up and administering servers, and provides hosting and maintenance solutions to fit a wide range of hosting needs.
System Administration
In addition to managing the PlasmaLink servers, our system administrator remotely administers several of our clients' machines and networks. If you don't think you will need (or can afford) a full time system administrator, consider one of PlasmaLink's remote system administration packages.
Web Programming
Our programmers have completed multiple projects in HTML, XML, CSS, PHP, SVG, and Javascript. This allows us to offer a wide range of simple, static pages as well as dynamic, interactive pages for more advanced e-commerce needs.
Graphic Design
Web sites are an art form. Each graphic designer has their own unique style and approach to design. In smaller companies with a single graphic designer, this results in all the company's projects looking "the same." PlasmaLink employs one full time designer and contracts with several others in order to provide a variety of styles to match the diverse needs of each individual project. Please see our portfolio for examples of our work using: The GIMP (Gnu Image Manipulation Program), Photoshop, Flash, and Bryce (3D graphics).
System Consulting and Troubleshooting
PlasmaLink provides onsite, on-call troubleshooting in the Portland, Oregon, metropolitan area along with e-mail and telephone help 24 hours a day.
Linux Consulting
Why Linux? Between 20 and 30 percent of all servers run in Linux. Further, more and more businesses are discovering the value of installing cost-effective local networks based on Linux. Our full time consultant has over eight years of experience administrating Linux machines and has several years of experience troubleshooting Debian GNU/Linux and RedHat Linux, two of the largest Linux distributions.
Database Design and Management
When you have a LOT of content, this is the only way to go. Our programmers have completed three full scale, database driven sites using MySQL and PHP. They are currently working on developing backend management systems to enable clients to update their databases using a variety of web browsers.
Technical Writing
Converting existing marketing or business planning materials into the text on a web page requires a specialist in web technical writing. Our web author has over five years of experience writing for the demanding web environment. For examples, please see our technical writing portfolio.
Instructional Design
Our instructional designer has an advanced degree in curriculum and instruction, with a specialty in instructional design. This background is not only useful in the creation of educational sites, but her experience administering and evaluating assessments allows PlasmaLink to evaluate and redesign sites to fit a variety of special needs.
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